PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS by Irek T. Szelag
The urban landscape according to the definition is an "artistic representation of the
physical aspect of a city or urban area in painting".
My idea of urban landscape painting is slightly
different than what is represented by other
contemporary artists.  Being an artist and working
many years in the painting conservation field I am
more conservative in composition and acceptation of
the subject
Born and raised in Lodz, a
big industrial town in
Poland with great late 19th
century architecure, I
understand the specific
character and feel the
charm of big, crowded
I am looking for subtle
balance between
architecure, nature and
human figures. The most
important factor for me is
to find a specific and
unique climate for every
scene using a saturated
palette and looking for real
My favorite town scenes
are snowy winter paintings.
Living many years in
Northern Europe and a
devoted skier, I love snow,
love every shade of its
color in gray or sunny
days, love gusty winds
which blow clouds of snow
flakes to our faces. Colors
in these paintings are rich
but delicate, trying to
capture the shades under
the snow;
there is no deep contrast
between light and shadow.
Warsaw, Monument of A. Mickiewicz.
Drawing, ink and guache on paper
Lodz, Plac Wolnosci (Freedom Square),
        oil on canvas
Lodz, Piotrkowska Street, oil on canvas
London, Westminster Bridge, oil on canvas
London, Saint Martin in the Field,
drawing, ink on paper
Venice, Saint Mark Square at night,
      oil on canvas
Venice,  Rio e canale dei Carmini
     oil on canvas
St. Louis, Washington University
      oil on canvas
St. Louis, Union Station in snow, oil on canvas
St. Louis, Market Street in winter, oil on canvas
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