Saint Louis Art - Irek Szelag Paintings
Irek T. Szelag
To purchase prints from any of my paintings please visit -
314 - 427 - 3006
SLU Clock Tower
24x18       $ 2100.00
St.Louis Old Cathedral
24x18        SOLD
Old Courthouse St.Louis
24x20         $ 2200.00
Old Courthouse in Winter
20x24             SOLD
Eureka Landscape
16x20         $ 800.00
Old Courthouse from 4th Street
20x24              SOLD
Saint Charles 2nd Street
St. Alphonsus Rock Church
28x22               $ 1500.00
St. Peter and St. Paul Church
from Allen Ave
22x14               $ 800.00
St. Francis de Sales Church
24x18            $ 1200.00
Old Courthouse from Market St.
16 x 20    SOLD                       
Saint Louis Winter
20x16                 SOLD
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View from Forest Park on
Chase Park Plaza Building
14x11                SOLD
Saint Louis Public Library
18x24           $ 1800.00
Union Station in St.Louis
16x20          $ 1800.00
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