Oil  Paintings  by  Irek  T.  Szelag
Grey stalion, o/c 24x30,
Arabian horse, o/c 30x40,
   Price $ 3500.00
Black hunter, o/c 24x30,
Two buddies, o/c 24x30,
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Equestrian  and Sporting Art
In a stable, o/c 20x24,
Blach English Horse,  
o/c  22x28   Price  $ 2400.00
English Stallion Dark Bay
    o/c  16x20    SOLD
Bay Race Horse, o/c 24x30
Dappled Grey Horse
o/c  16x20   Price $ 2000.00
White Horse in a landscape
o/c 12x16  Price $ 1500.00
      Horse Racing 1
o/c 20x24  Price $ 2500.00
      Ready to hunt
o/c 18x24 Price $ 2400.00
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Black Bay English Horse
 o/c   24x30   SOLD
Chestnut Spanish Horse
o/c 16x20 Price $ 1600.00
White Horse in Pasture
o/c 11x14 Price $ 1200.00
    At a barn
o/c 12x16  SOLD